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One Chillhill, One Bar
Endless Experiences

Welcome to the Chillhill Experience, the gateway spot that takes your journey to new heights, and more specifically, to Wata’ el Joz.

This unique, friendly and inspiring open space is situated in the middle of vast lands with lakes – your new backyard!

So come explore your home away from home with cozy and personalized A-Frame cabins, surround yourself with like-minded free spirits sharing similar interests, and raise your glass to new memories at the most enticing cocktail bar.

But beware, once you arrive at this getaway, you’ll find it impossible to get away. Now go ahead, find yourself in nature (we don’t mean it just literally), and take it all in – the whole outdoors!

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Large (6+)

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Cabin Large

Medium (4+)

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Cabin Large

Small (2+)

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Raising the
Cocktail Bar

Here, have a drink while we take you through one of the greatest highlights of this great escape: its wildly original and unforgettable pub.Located on the hill with breathtaking views, the Chillhill crowd will gather at this captivating spot and will be served one memory after the next.

Over here, stories are naturally brewing, and the DM crew is waiting for you to come draft your own. So what are you waiting for? Meet us at the top for a whole new camping experience.

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